Kids Retailer x SimpliField: Supporting store teams for reopening

This kids fashion and toys retailer had already successfully implemented the SimpliField solution in 430 retail stores across France, Switzerland and the USA. Find out how our client managed a flawless reopening of all its retail locations in the midst of the pandemic with instant communications, training and data consolidation all from the SimpliField app.
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About this case study

Find out how this leading retailer used SimpliField to effectively tackle the lack of communication, visibility & compliance to manage store reopenings with:

  • Store opening & re-opening processes
  • Health & safety compliance checklists
  • Internal communications
  • Employee compliance training

"Our collaboration with the SimpliField team is very strong. Today the app has totally upped our game and has become central in our daily operations."

Retail Coordination Director

Retail Coordination Director, @ Global Kids Fashion & Toys Retailer

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