L'Occitane Wholesale x SimpliField

L’Occitane/Melvita Wholesale and Erborian, leading beauty and cosmetics brands, empowered their field teams with data-driven insights using SimpliField. Find out how they increased sales by 1-3% and cut reporting time by 50%.
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About this case study

Find out how L’Occitane chose to collaborate with SimpliField to digitalize and empower its teams with:

  • Internal communications
  • Store audits & store performance monitoring
  • Merchandising & trade operations
  • Training
  • Competitive intelligence
  • Visits scheduling

"SimpliField, the tool to centralize all the field metrics you need, visual merchandising best practices and documents."

Aurélie Lavenaire

Aurélie Lavenaire , Sales Director @ L’Occitane Wholesale

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