Nokia x SimpliField: Real-time Field Performance and Stronger Store Relationships

With such a diverse network of specialist retailers, Nokia’s field teams were multitasking at scale. Find out how Nokia partnered with SimpliField to streamline and simplify their operations, but also build better relationships with in-store teams.
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About this case study

Nokia leverages a specialist retail network which requires a field team of regional managers to visit hundreds of retail locations to report on store operations, merchandising execution and competitive intelligence. Read more on how SimpliField supported them with:

  • Merchandising & trade operations
  • Store performance monitoring
  • Personalized KPI dashboards
  • Competitive intelligence audits

"The SimpliField mobile app allows us to build location loyalty and personalize interactions with all of our stores, enabling us to thoroughly manage and deepen the relationship with each store."

Alain Sirvin

Alain Sirvin, Commercial Director @ Nokia

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